Meet Dr Iskander

Dr Iskander is one of the top-trained pain management doctors in the field.  He has his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mercy health system, which is part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  After finishing his residency, he joined the top pain management fellowship program at the Cleveland Clinic of Ohio in Cleveland, Ohio.  His Fellowship was in Anesthesia interventional pain management.


Dr. Iskander is board certified from the American Board of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation and the American Board of Pain Management.


Combining training in the highly diagnostic physical medicine and rehabilitation residency and the highly interventional anesthesia pain management fellowship has provided him with best skills in finding what is the cause of the painful condition and then tackling the problem  through different approaches.


Dr. Iskander philosophy in pain management is that pain is a symptom and it should never be treated as a disease in itself.  There is always a cause behind the pain and if this cause is not diagnosed early and treated properly, then we are just tackling the branches, not the root of the problem.